What To Wear: Fall Family Minis
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Monday, September 11, 2017
By Bella Mi Photography
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What To Wear: Fall Family Minis Edition

With Pumpkin Spice Latte season just beginning, we’re getting ready for all things Fall, including our Family Fall Minis!


One of the questions we get about these Family Fall Mini sessions is, “What should we wear?” We put together some helpful tips for putting together family outfits, as well as some Fall “Looks” you can borrow from.


Helpful Tips:

  1. Coordinate, don’t match. White shirts and blue jeans for everyone is easy and classic, but doesn’t provide as much variety for your photos. Start with a color palette as you see in our “Looks” to choose everyone’s outfit.

  2. Color Palettes are great! Choose colors that are bold enough to showcase your beautiful family against beautiful scenery! Also, keep your family’s complexion in mind. Will your kids still be “summer tan” at the end of October? Do you look better in winter colors? Choose a color palette that makes your family shine!  As a side note, if you’re choosing white or light colors for your color scheme, consider your kids! Can they keep a white shirt clean during a half-hour outdoor session? When my kids were younger I would not have made that bet! Depending on their age and energy level, your kids could be just fine.

  3. Patterns or Solids? You’ll want to have almost everyone in solids. With the leaves turning different colors, your photos would look busy with too many clothing patterns. Having everyone dressed in solid colors from the palette and then dressing one person in a patterned top is the best way to have interesting photos that aren’t too busy.

  4. Layer and Accessorize! Scarves, vests, sweaters, bracelets, hair clips, necklaces and hats are an easy way to sneak more colors from the palette into your ensemble! Also, cuffed/uncuffed pant legs and cuffed/uncuffed sleeves can add more dimensions to your photos.

  5. Keep it simple! The week before your photo session is NOT the time to try out a new look. Don’t change hairstyles (or hairdressers, for that matter!) or use that promotional spray tan coupon leading up to your session--we want you to look (and feel) like your beautiful, confident self!


Following these simple guidelines will help you have an excellent photography session! For more inspiration, click each "look" below and view it full-screen. See you soon!


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