Five Tips Before the Holidays Hit
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
By Bella Mi Photography
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“Holidays? Are you crazy?” Not even a little! It might be the middle of September, but you will be hunting for parking spaces at the mall before you know you it! Rather than let these important things weigh on your mind while you’re also coordinating the Thanksgiving menu, take care of them now!

  1. Set your Holiday gift budget now for each person you give gifts. There’s nothing more anxiety-inducing than getting to December 26 and looking at your credit card statement! Deciding what to spend on your kids, your dad, your mother-in-law and co-workers now will relieve some of the anxiety of the season. Afraid to accidentally leave someone off the list? Set aside a Saturday to make a ton of Chocolate-covered pretzels with red-green-white sprinkles (the kids can help!). Dollar Store tins lined with parchment paper are safe to store in your trunk during November-December, so you’ll never be caught gift-less!

  2. Start comparing Holiday Travel options. Do you always drive if you go out of state? If the trip is far enough away, consider taking a plane or a train and then using ride-sharing services like Lyft or Uber for in-town travel. This means you don’t have to scrape snow on your vacation!

  3. Make your “Holiday Playlist.” When do you have time to make a new playlist after October 1st? From holiday parties to long car rides in slush, you need your tunes to stay cool! Using your smartphone or an app like Apple Music or Spotify, make the Holiday Mix of your Sugar Plum Fairy Dreams! Include some of your favorite holiday songs, as well as some songs that help you feel relaxed. Put the playlist on shuffle and belt out that holiday spirit--your stress will disappear!

  4. Book your family photography session. We still have a few Santa Sessions left and our Holiday Mini Sessions start booking on October 1 at 8 pm. You won’t want to get closed out of your preferred date! Or, if your family is really busy and has a hard time coordinating, consider booking in January or February. With the holidays being over, many people don’t think about getting photos done in January or February, so you’re more likely to get a time that works perfectly for your family--including a coveted weekend slot! This is also a great time to book for Indoor Senior Photos since your high schoolers are so busy during the week! Contact us to get this crossed off your list!

  5. Put some random reminders in your phone for the stressful holiday season. The reminders can be silly, funny or helpful! Here are some examples:

  • Thanksgiving at 1:30 pm: “Remember, homemade mashed potatoes are worth the effort because they’re DELICIOUS!”

  • Black Friday at 7:30 am: “Get the Cinnabon-Carbs don’t count this weekend!”

  • Christmas Eve at 10:00 am: “You don’t have to make that many desserts! Christmas Cookies don’t taste as good if eaten after December 26, so you won’t miss them!”

  • January 22, 2018 at 6:00 am: “If you promise to have a salad for lunch, you can skip the morning run.”


Bella Mi Photography wants to remind you that Family Portraits make an excellent gift for your family and Family Photography Gift Certificates make an excellent gift for everyone. We are wishing you stress-free Holiday Preparations!



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