Family Photo Day: Are You Prepared?
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Friday, September 29, 2017
By Bella Mi Photography
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Family Photo Day: Are You Prepared?

If just reading that statement sets you into a panic, this article is for you!


Step 1: Coordinate with your family.

Coordinate clothing. We recommend coordinating, not matching. Bold, solid colors are best. One patterned piece per family is okay. You can put dad in a striped shirt or mom in a patterned skirt. Interested in more outfit inspiration? Read our “What to Wear: Fall Family Minis Edition.” Also, lay out or hang up clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. a few days before so any wrinkles can relax and you can check for stains, holes and any hems you might want to do. Perhaps hide the photoshoot outfits from your kids and hubby so they don’t forget and wear them the day before the session!

Coordinate schedules. Try to keep your schedule clear the day of your session. We know you have a lot going on, so if you can’t clear the whole day, you’ll want to have plenty of time before the session to get the whole family changed and cleaned up and enough time after the session to reduce stress!

Coordinate expectations. You’re very excited for these family pictures; remind your kids how fun this is going to be! If you frame this outing as an adventure, kids will be more excited and smiley! Maybe you’re exploring a new park after the photoshoot. Maybe there’s the promise of ice cream later. Either way, kids will be responsive to your excitement, so get excited!


Step 2: Pack for the session.

No Valuables. Leave the valuables (purses, wallets, backpacks, phones) at home or in your trunk. It’s much easier for you to focus on being relaxed and smiley if you’re not concerned about where to put your purse or if you’re sitting on your wallet.

Lint Roller. This is especially important if you have pets. You’ll want to do a last-minute spot check because sometimes Fido’s hair travels with you!


Step 3: Take beautiful pictures!

Arrive a few minutes early. You’ll want to do one last lint roll, touch up makeup, cuff/uncuff pants or shirts, and crack a few jokes! This is fun, and we want your pictures to reflect that! Being completely ready at your scheduled time allows you to maximize your session time.

The last checklist to run through before you start posing:

Pockets- remove keys, phones, tissues etc.

Hands- remove fitness trackers, watches, scrunchies, headbands and anything else you don’t want photographed. Leave snacks, toys and drinks in the car so they’re not a distraction for your kids (or our hungry photographers, LOL!)

Faces- Make sure kids’ noses and eyes are wiped (if they’re old enough to do it themselves, still check!), adjust bangs or long hair, check jewelry, and make sure everyone looks amazing!

Breathe- If you’ve been following our advice in these blogs, you’re good as gold! You deserve to relax and enjoy your photoshoot. Our staff works really hard to ensure an amazing photography experience- you’re in great hands!


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