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Sunday, January 06, 2019
By Bella Mi Photography
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So Much Joy in this Little Boy!

Meet David!

Someone get him a modeling contract!  Gahh!  Future GQ model right here!

David is one of our First Year Package babies and yesterday we photographed his 9 month session!

As if David's heart melting smiles aren't enough...you HAVE to check out the stylish little ripped jeans he wore! So fashionable!  (Hint: Mom found them on Etsy)

Showing off his latest skills of being able to stand up...David was a a rock star at his posing! 

I always tell parents that of course we want to capture the smiles, but sometimes the little looks and the more serious smirks are the ones that really win our hearts! 

And David decided to do it all!  Smiles, smirks and even some of his classic GQ serious faces! 

How will Mom & Dad ever pick a favorite?!

Next session is David's big birthday session!!!  And although we can't wait to see you smash your cake, don't grow up too fast little buddy!

Thank you for choosing Bella Mi Photography as your First Year Package photography studio!

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