6 month TWIN milestone session - Baby's Mini First Year Package
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Saturday, February 02, 2019
By Bella Mi Photography
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"Double the Giggles...Double the Grins...Double the Trouble...when you're Blessed with Twins"

Meet Penelope & Declyn

Oh these 2 sweet, sweet babies!   

Now...let me just start by saying...it's not always about the smiles!

I know most parents are eager to have a portrait session at Bella Mi Photography

filled with happy smiley faces.  As wonderful as smiley portraits may be...

sometimes it's the sweet little pouts that warm our hearts!!

Penelope & Declyn came in for their 6 month milestone session of their Mini First Year Package.

  They have grown SO much since their Newborn Session! 

Two perfect little cuties!!

Now both Penelope & Declyn were just a little unsure of our photographer & studio assistants, lol! 

Along with some adorable portraits of those sweet little faces...

we had some teary eyed shots and even some major lip protruding pouts!! 

Oh we are suckers for the baby pouts!

And these 2 know how to work the pout, lol!!

We cannot wait to photograph Penelope & Declyn in a few months for their 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session!! 

Perhaps some yummy cake will help us win them over!!

Until then...don't grow too fast babies!

Thank you for choosing Bella Mi Photography for your Twin Mini First Year Package Portraits!

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